Wtf is happening

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Wtf is happening

Post by hashtable » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:25 pm

Does anybody know what is happening? What's real and what's fake? Everyday a new hack, scandal. Was Dropbox hacked? Or was Dropbox spyware? Or has the Dropbox spyware been hacked and now is being used by.. who knows? Can we distinguish a nation state from a hacker in a basement? How many high profile hacks have occurred in the last 2-3 months? What provoked it? donald trump? Are we being distracted? Who can we trust?

Has the back door been implemented? Multiple instituons have expressed intent - is that probable cause? Has it been implemented? If so, what are the consequences?

Let's take a step back. Multiple geopoticial institutions with adequate resources have publicly admitted interest in implementing back Door's.

I support those efforts. If it was done, it was done elequencly. My purpose is not to interfere with that. My concern is this: what are the unforeseen consequences?

If you create a passive backdoor, how do you make it invisible to the system, without allowing others to also use the invisibility cloak? Do you have any way of knowing if anyone else would be using the cloak at the same time? Maybe modify the cloak? Or is the system so isolated and specific to a domain that it has no way of knowing?

If everything is IO - and every program has expectations - how does the program know if the input is legit? It doesn't. As long as it sings the song, it's assumed legit. Computers are stupid as fuck. No context awareness unlike humans.

Modify this fake that. Good intentions, I assume. But it needed to be done, so, maybe the consequences weren't fully understand.

I'm not a hacker. I can't write a line of code in that shit. But I see the system, I see mistakes, and I see brilliance beyond comprehension, beauty... just kept by this beast locked in a chamber.

If time is unreasonable - by I mean that time has no mathemical / philosophical / physical or linguistic representation that makes sense. Can we program constructs in computer science that are literally unreasonable? No. We can't. We can't program that which has no mathematical / logical/ linguistic understanding. Because technology - media - is an extension of our self. (Marshall McLuhan). So... does that mean there are - by logical necessity-zero days ( pun?) inherent within every operating system's representation of time?

This is just a hypothetical conjecture, I literally have no knowledge regarding anything in these matters, just queer ideas I've been contemplating. i don't know anything - I merely contemplate strange ideas - that's all. Maybe material for a sci-fi thriller?