feedback reqest: jitsi, and

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feedback reqest: jitsi, and

Post by justanothern00b » Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:07 am

{we've taken the liberty of splitting this off from the honeypot awareness thread, to improve access and visibility ~admin}

Dear kind sir,

I know this isn't VPN related, however it does fall under infosec nontherless;
  • 1) Can you comment on Jitsi (coded in Java) as a viable alternative to Skype and

    2) is offering free "shiny" VoIP in partnership. Any advise and comment?
Thank you in advance from Malaysia. My ISP generously offers me ADSL of 2Mbps for ~USD20.80 in 2016. Their kindness is overwhelming! I'm searching in vain for a free dial-up modem instead. Sigh.

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Re: feedback reqest: jitsi, and

Post by Pattern_Juggled » Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:32 am

In case you'd not seen already, there's some feedback on your questions coming in via a pointer to this thread from twitter, which someone took the liberty of creating this morning:
Screenshot (68).png
Cheers :-)
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Re: feedback reqest: jitsi, and

Post by sysfu » Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:33 am

Jitsi is a piece of sh*t in my experience, buggy as all hell, unreliable, devs insist on ridiculous amounts of logging enabled by default, dependence on client server architecture, etc etc.

Save your time and grief and go with Tox as a Skype replacement instead, I've had great success using it with non-technical users.

Can't comment on, have not messed with it since way back when the Guardian project was experimenting using it as a backend for their zrtp sip clients on Android.

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Re: feedback reqest: jitsi, and

Post by KungFuChe » Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:23 pm

I tested Jitsi a couple years ago, and it kind of sucked in the way that desktop Java apps often do. But I certainly understand the need for a Skype replacement. Skype started out as a decentralized and encrypted service that was designed to protect the user from warrantless mass surveillance. When Microsoft bought the company, they redesigned Skype as a centralized system with surveillance hooks and backdoors built in. What they got in exchange was permission to broadly abuse the U.S. work visa program. Microsoft then fired thousands of domestic employees and replaced them with foreigners who will do the same job for less money.

Skype was basically turned into a trojan horse (much the like the forced updates to Windows 10 that occurred without the users permission.) Even though this thread is old, it is still relevant, because millions of ignorant and careless people are still using Skype. So just for reference, here are some Skype alternatives. I would welcome experience reports about how these other products are being received by non-technical users in a typical office environment.

> Waiting for which looks amazing

Coy seems comparable to Ricochet (which are both desktop text messaging products that look pretty good, but are not widely used yet because they do not run on mobile platforms.)

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Re: feedback reqest: jitsi, and

Post by df » Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:17 am

Well I was going to delete this old thread, but since KungFuChe showed that it's still relevant, I'll keep it up :-)

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