Edelino Commerce Inc

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Edelino Commerce Inc

Post by NecroKatze » Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:54 pm


I really like your #CleanVPN initiative and have read everything thoroughly. I have found some weird stuff myself that i liked to share with you.

As you would have guessed it is about a company called Edelino Commerce inc.

It all started when i was browsing around the different vpn sites and one of them is popular in northern European countries, anonine.com. They used to be kind of independent and run by a local company but not now apparently. It struck me as very strange that they had the "Copyright © 2015 Edelino Commerce Inc. All Rights Reserved" text at the bottom of the site.

To verify my claims i had a look at the "wayback machine" and sure enough their previous sites around 2010-2013 say that they are owned by the Swedish company called Portlane AB.

I tried to google Edelino Commerce INC but i can't find any information about the company itself. The only thing i can see is that they seem to own a WHOLE BUNCH of VPN provider homepages, among them is:
And so on...

Finding this i do not trust any of those companies at all.

Do any of you guys have any more information about this? Maybe i'm just blowing things out of proportion. :crazy: