evil browser extensions

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evil browser extensions

Post by Pattern_Juggled » Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:21 pm

Well, I am sticking this here for now even though it likely will be evicted at some point.

There's alot of evil browser extensions out there. Alot.

Stuff like this:
I've begun capturing snapshots of them in the github.com/cryptostorm/fishycode repository, for now.

Is there someone out there who specialises in reporting and/or investigating these things? Are there best practices for doing so? They do some seriously, seriously evil shit - watch the events in your browser, and the .js console. You'll see.

The worst ones, by far, are "privacy" related. User-agent switchers, "free" proxy services, etc. I am pretty sure some are doing #superfish-style ssl kneecapping although I've had not time to confirm for certain. I do see them pulling certs in, and doing... things with them.

I suspect alot of crytostorm members have shitware extensions in their browsers that are causing serious security issues, currently. Time to clean that crap out.


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