Mike Espresso aka #test2 aka @mikeSpressoVPN - techno-babble... with style!

Encouraging best practices in the VPN industry via independent, community-certified verification of clean installers and clean basic service operations. Let's reward the good, and make the bad a little bit less tempting 〰 github repo#cleanVPN
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Mike Espresso aka #test2 aka @mikeSpressoVPN - techno-babble... with style!

Post by Pattern_Juggled » Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:00 pm

We've opened a github repository to collect data involved in this project.
BenHerr wrote:I am starting to think this service is ran by a very popular VPN review site. This certificate from what I have been able to determine appears to be the Certificate used to sign certificates with. I will confess I do not actually have a subscription to the service. I got involved because a good friend of mine signed up there because of this VPN review sites word. He was having a problem with the service and I helped him via teamviewer and started seeing some things that didn't add up. I confronted one of the writers for this site with my findings along with several other people complaining about the same service only to have my comments removed. Recently it has come to my attention that they actually get paid big money to review these services and basically sell their top spots. Now that I am completely disgusted with them I have taken it upon myself to try and call them out on any of the BS they post. The example above was them trying to say certificate based authentication is the best for private VPN services and I have been arguing they are wrong because certificate based auth gives away too much information. The author actually posted the doctored ca/key but left his "client cert" in tact. Once I checked the cert and found the info below I had to assume something is wrong. I mean how does a client get the very first certificate? I want to further prove that this "trusted review site" is in fact nothing but an attempt to extort money for links that are meant to look legit. So if anyone could give me their opinion I would really appreciate it.
We're digging into this now.

Gotta laugh sometimes, too... "Mike Espresso?" Honestly. Couldn't come up with a better fake customer name than... Mike Espresso?

Fake-Mike is sure full of smiles, isn't he?
Now a meme on twitter, hashtag #test2. Why #test2? Well, the source code for the page where "Mike Espresso" shares his glowing recommendation:

Code: Select all

<div class="tve_ts_o-copy">
<div class="tve_ts_imc-copy">
<div class="tve_image_caption thrv_wrapper" style="width: 70px;"><span class="tve_image_frame"><img class="tve_image" src="http://landing.buffered.com/wp-content/plugins/thrive-visual-editor/landing-page/templates/css/images/test2.png" alt=""></span></div>
<span class="tve_ts_copy-aut">
<b>Mike Espresso</b>
<font size="3"><i>Buffered user</i></font></span>
citation: view-source:http://landing.buffered.com/unblock-content-pete/

So the memes have begun, in honour of nonexistent Mike Espresso and his fake testimonial for bestv... err I mean "buffered.com."

~ pj
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Re: Mike Espresso aka #test2 aka @mikeSpressoVPN - techno-babble... with style!

Post by marzametal » Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:25 pm

lol... all we need is Mike and The Hoff doing a duet on UNSAE Idol... THIS SONG!

But, they will be singing - too sexy for my VPN lololol

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Re: Mike Espresso aka #test2 aka @mikeSpressoVPN - techno-babble... with style!

Post by sin » Fri Jun 26, 2015 1:44 pm

easiest thing to do would be to pay a friend for a photograph.

but who has friends these days?


source: http://www.istockphoto.com/photo/happy- ... st=4adbcb8