cleanvpn forum admin notes

Encouraging best practices in the VPN industry via independent, community-certified verification of clean installers and clean basic service operations. Let's reward the good, and make the bad a little bit less tempting 〰 github repo#cleanVPN

cleanvpn forum admin notes

Post by cryptostorm_team » Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:29 pm

We've moved most of the posts in this subforum - previously known as our "review" subforum - over to the general-purpose netsec one, to provide a cleaner starting point for the cleanVPN work. If you remember something being here, and can't find it, check there.

A few of the particularly objective, data-verified issues we've discovered in the past have been left here for now. If folks feel that's not appropriate, they're easy to move - we're happy to follow community guidance on that.

If you're interested in helping with the cleanVPN project, let us know with a post to this thread and we can get you moderator status here to start organising data and threads as they come in. We may create a moderators' forum where such work can be coordinated, if there is a sense it's worth doing.

So long as this cleanVPN forum is hosted here at, it'll be covered by our broad no-censorship standards. We're not policing your words, and we ask you to stand by them if you post them here. Anonymous/non-registered guests are not only able to post, but encouraged to do so without registration. We do manual approvals of those posts only to fight the spambots, not for content. So long as you're not a spambot, you're good to go.

Registered members can edit their posts, send DMs, etc. Apart from that, we've enabled all features for guest/unregistered posters as registered posters are able to use. If you see something that's missing, raise a flag and we'll fix it.

File attachment limits here are set quite high, and most anything can be attached. Still, for code samples and so forth, github is way better - it doesn't mean those data are stuck in their system either: anyone anywhere in the world can - git the entire to wherever they want, and anyone can fork it at github to develop their own direction. In that sense, it's alot more open than is this forum. We encourage its use. But, we didn't want to make the project github-only as nontechnical folks sometimes find git mystifying (because it sort of is, tbh).

Any and all data posted here are publicly accessible, publicly available. Nobody "owns" these data. Cryptostorm is hosting this for now, but we don't own it. If there's a better place for it to go, post that info here and we're happy to move things where they're best suited.

Thanks for helping to make cleanVPN a healthy, constructive turning point in the industry!

~ cryptostorm
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