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London (UK) exitnode cluster | anchor node =

Post by cryptostorm_team » Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:03 pm

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On this day, of all days, cryptostorm is proud to announce the public availability of our London (UK) exitnode cluster.

For members connecting with our network access widget, the London cluster now appears as an option in the pull-down selection menu.For everyone else, here is the required configuration file for Linux (or other "generic" openVPN) connections to this new cluster:
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Why is today such an auspicious day? Well, the UK government just announced its desire to kneecap secure communications for private citizens. Which is funny, since they seem to think their own communications should be private...
We've chosen to name our anchor node for this new cluster in honour of mathematician, computer science pioneer, and one of humanity's greatest intellectual resources in all of our recorded history: Alan Turing.
Turing was a genuine genius whose insights into numerous branches of formal logic and mathematical systems opened entire new fields of study that today, decades later, are still vibrant and full of promise. His proof of the "Halting Problem" is central to so much in computer science and systems theory that one simply cannot know where to begin in describing its core role. That he proved this form of incomputability (or, conversely, 'computational intractability' as modern researchers often refer to the class of so-called "NP Complete" problems) before mechanical computers even existed is one of many astonishing realities to be found in Turing's short life.

Pace xkcd 1266 {explained}:
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Oh, and he also basically tipped World War II in favour of the Allies, through his freakishly-clever reverse-engineering of the "uncrackable" Enigma system used by the Germans - a one-time pad apparatus that would be formally impenetrable in theory, but which proved to have subtle flaws in implementation that Turing and his team used to crack the cipher tool wide open. For years, the Allies - and Churchill, in particular - had plaintext access to German naval "secured" communications. This access proved crucial time and time again, as has only really been understood fully decades later with the declassification of must underlying data.

Why a short life?

Turing was gay. He was gay in an era when being gay was illegal, was considered horribly immoral, and was persecuted with an ugly, hateful vengeance. It was labelled a disease, and victims of homophobic mob hysteria were subjected to all manner of tortures, cruelties, and sadistic violence.

Turing was one of those victims.

Forced into "treatment" he despised, for a part of himself he was proud of - his sexuality and his most intimate connections in life - he committed suicide by eating a poisoned apple. However, even that suicide story now seems to be all but fully debunked... and Turing may well have been murdered by the same forces he saved from defeat by the Axis powers in World War II.

Turing was a genius, a hero, a gay man in an era when that made him an easy target for hatred and assault, a mentor to many young mathematical geniuses, and by all accounts a complex, intense, brilliant, irascible, generous, fundamentally honest, expansive human being. He died because of how he loved, and that death is a stain on all of us who struggle to follow lamely in his intellectual footprints, even today.

So, in honour of Alan, we inaugurate our English exitnode cluster. May it protect others from the bigotries, power abuses, and hatreds that took Alan Turing's life from him at such an early age. May it do its own small part in helping to create a better, more diverse, more compassionate, safer, more respectful world for all sentient beings.
With respect,

~ cryptostorm_team

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Re: new exitnode cluster: London (UK) | 1st node:

Post by DesuStrike » Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:55 am

Just want to post what I already said in IRC:

This is both moving and impressive. I learned a lot about Turing I didn't know before. I think providing a tool to protect people from those who persecuted Alan Turing is a wonderful way to honor this great man. Better than any statue or memorial plaque.
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Re: new exitnode cluster: London (UK) | 1st node:

Post by vpnDarknet » Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:21 pm

This is fantastic, another great move guys!

Agree, kudos with the name choice, this man needs a posthumous knighthood
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Re: new exitnode cluster: London (UK) | 1st node:

Post by parityboy » Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:38 am


Your IRC server reports the FQDN of this node as I thought it would have been

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Re: new exitnode cluster: London (UK) | 1st node:

Post by privangle » Thu Jan 15, 2015 2:57 am

Thank you and gratulations for your work!

And this at the beginning of the new year. Nice. :)


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Post by cryptostorm_team » Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:28 am

Courtesy @Shaenei...


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Re: London (UK) exitnode cluster | anchor node =

Post by marzametal » Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:14 pm