66 day tokens $9.99 - support the PayPal 14

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66 day tokens $9.99 - support the PayPal 14

Post by vpnDarknet » Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:54 pm

As the title says, bargin price 66 day tokens, all of the money goes direct to the PayPal 14 campaign.

The collective puishment of the protesters is simply wrong.
If you buy monthly tokens, buy one or 2 of these, get a good deal, and support the people who were representing wikileaks.

Link to buy here, and fuck PayPal consider BitCoins
In early December 2010, 1000s of people participated when Anonymous launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) against PayPal. This was to protest PayPal cutting off service to WikiLeaks in an attempt to shut down their publishing. In January 2011, the US Department of Justice issued 40 subpoenas in search of information. In July, fourteen of the thousands who participated had their homes raided and were charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. They were made to serve as an example to us all, at great personal cost. For three years they have been carrying the stress of their charges and the weight of the threatened 15 years in prison and $500,000 fines each, by themselves.

In Citizens United, the US Supreme Court ruled that independent political expenditures by corporations and unions are protected under the First Amendment. When PayPal removed the same right of individuals to spend their money in support of their beliefs, these protesters defended us all. These fourteen and the thousands that participated stood up for free speech and the right to protest for us all.

These protesters were not spreading malware, hacking servers or damaging the website. They were expressing an opinion just as any protester in a park, signer of a petition, or congressional switchboard caller. These people were making a statement and publicly exposing PayPal in front of their shareholders and the world on behalf of those of us who value freedom of information.

On December 4, 2013, 11 defendants in what is known as the "PayPal 14" case pleaded guilty to both felony and misdemeanor charges during their appearances in federal court. If they have no more legal trouble until December 4th, 2014, federal prosecutors will seek to drop the felony charges and the defendants will be sentenced to probation and possibly receive credit for time served. They also agreed to pay $86,000 collectively (approximately $5,600 each) in ransom to PayPal. Two other defendants pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge, and likely will be sentenced to 90 days in prison. A final defendant was not eligible for a plea deal.

We do not believe it is appropriate for 14 people to take the fall for something thousands did and many more worldwide have voiced support for. We believe this ransom is being inflicted on our community as a whole to discourage us individually from standing for what we believe in. If we are to have the freedom to stand for our beliefs we must bear the consequences together and together remember who inflicted the ransom on us. Corporate interests have aligned in solidarity against us. We need to align in solidarity with our beliefs as well.

We believe in freedom of speech. We support the weak against the powerful. We share this sentence with the PayPal 14.
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