Back to School specials on bundles 'o tokens :-)

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Back to School specials on bundles 'o tokens :-)

Post by cryptostorm_team » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:22 am

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It's not much of a secret that we kind of suck at marketing, here at cryptostorm.

C'mon - if you know us, you've probably thought if it yourself: "man, those folks at cryptostorm pretty much fucking suck at marketing. Lol." Or something similar :-)

It's true. We're reasonably good at running a secure networking service - that's our job - but when it comes to promoting what we do.... yeah. Not so good, are we?

Someday we'll hopefully get better. But in the meantime it's become something of a running joke that as good as we are at providing cryptostorm service, we're just not so good at telling folks about what we do: spreading the word, etc.

That's where our token resellers come into the forefront. We built the network - and the business model supporting it - with the focus on independent resellers of network access tokens. That model helps ensure improved security for network members, because decoupled purchasing via independent resellers means that in many cases we know exactly nothing about who our members are. Nothing - since they didn't buy a token from us (directly), we've had no interaction with them whatsoever. They make use of the network, but apart from that we're like ships crossing in the night.

As it should be - not a bug, but a feature!

The recursive irony is that we're both bad at general marketing stuff, and at doing marketing outreach to resellers. We have a great baseline of resellers who have been with us for ages, and we love them to death - but nobody on our team does anything specifically to roll out the red carpet for new resellers - or expanded relations with our current (and wonderful) resellers. We brought someone on this spring to do that kind of thing, but he got pulled into other (really interesting!) projects, and the boring "marketing to resellers" stuff fell by the wayside. See a pattern here? :eh:

Anyway, blah blah - so what?

In our own utterly simple way, we did some team brainstorming about the whole thing - after being repeatedly distracted by other, cool(er) tech stuff -and here's what we came up with: Back To School token bundles. Yay! :clap:

We warned you about us sucking at marketing, right? There you go.

Anyway, here's the bundles we've put together. They're offered at some tasty discounts to our typical wholesale/bulk token prices. Your're welcome.

Circle of Trust
  • 10 one-month tokens
    20 three-month tokens
    15 six-month tokens
    3 one-year tokens
    bundle price: $660 (CAD)

Spreading Umbrella
  • 20 one-month tokens
    50 three-month tokens
    30 six-month tokens
    5 one-year tokens
    bundle price: $1312 (CAD)

Big Things
  • 50 one-month tokens
    200 three-month tokens
    90 six-month tokens
    20 one-year tokens
    bundle price: $4004 (CAD)

Here's the fine print: there isn't any. That's the flipside of us sucking at marketing - we're pretty easy to work with, unlike real marketers who know how to do this stuff well :-)

But a few things to consider:

  • 1. We're pretty much not going to fiddle with quantities in the bundles - they are what they are. We can always whip up whatever batch of tokens you want, but these special-priced batches are come-as-you-are...

    2. Please pay for these bundles in BTC (or some other *coins), so we don't have to eat merchant processing fees on top of these already discounted prices. Please. Thanks!

    3. We've just set up a super-dedicated email forwarder account - - that pretty much spams everyone on the cryptostorm team, so that you can email us and you're email inquiry won't get lost in the seas of our collective inboxes. We promise.

    4. There was a fourth thing... but we forgot. If we remember, we'll edit this post so it's more professional and stuff.

You can also bitmessage us, which works (fairly) well: old BM addy BM-NAueHWwiZQ26TgX9iXPqtiMjMBB5dc5t ~ new (better, sorta, 'cause it's a dedicated account) BM addy BM-NC4acFXJqxXnjNPQHeryYVfZT7G9pfh6

Token bundles are always sold prepaid, because otherwise we'd maybe have to show up at your place and be all like...
Yeah, maybe not so much. But still, we really do only prepaid tokens. Except if you're tight cash and really want to get started... talk to us. We'll see what we can do. We know how it goes, really we do. Just don't tell Graze because he's really weird about that stuff. :shh:

That's about it. Let us know if you've got questions, or if we forgot to include super-important information in this post. Or whatever. We're leaving this thread open and we'll make sure someone checks in on it regularly (not Graze, ffs!). Also there's that cool new email address.

Help us help you... or whatever corny magic words real marketers use to convince folks to do important marketing kinds of things. Fight the good fight, and so on.


  • ~ cryptostorm_team