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Post by grystch_ » Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:39 am

This review covers 2 separate purchases of tokens from using Paypal.

Good experience
I furst purchased a token in Febuary (3 17 2014). The process is you send an email and get automatic response with insturctions. I didn't do that first. Just bougt the token, then later realized I needed the email with instructions. However there was no problem. I contacted SoS and explained the situation, how I messed it up. I gave some detail of the purchase to proove I had bought one and got the token no problem. So that was a good experience. :thumbup:

Bad experience :thumbdown:
I bought my 2nd token in March. I bought it a week or so before my token was due to expire. This time I followed instructions perfectly and having dealt with them before, expected everything to go smooth. Processing delay of a couple days seems to be normal for them. Several days went by without a reply. I saw no problem in my paypal. Saw some other comments about problems with them and got concerned.
I contacted cryptostorm support asking what they knew of SoS, they didnt' know but gave me 1 month token free to cover me when mine expired. Hoping the situation would resolve. About 3 weeks past. I literally had in mind to file a complaint with paypal the next day. that evening 4 8 2014, got a bitmessage from SoS team. They stated having some problems.
*"Paypal not sending timely updates on purchases "
*"dns problems causing emails to get lost"
They said they werent sure why my bitmessage just came through. (I had sent more than one, no problems on my end as best I could tell)
To make up for this problem I recieved a year token, instead of the 6 month I ordered. Tokenizer verified its valid.

So the point is, once very good, once very bad. As of this post problems with them seeming to persist with other clients.
so unless there is a convincing public post in these forums about the problems and what steps have been taken to fix them I cant recommend buying tokens from . Although things worked out ok for me I'll probably look elswhere for my next purchase.

~grystch (posting as guest, getting spam message when logged in)