[Feature Request] Internal DynDNS For Servers On CS

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[Feature Request] Internal DynDNS For Servers On CS

Post by parityboy » Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:37 am

Since this is the feature request thread, I though I'd post a...feature request. :p

All of the talk concerning - and current experiences with - BitTorrent and portforwarding on the CS network got me thinking. Two BitTorrent clients connected to CS and using an external tracker cannot connect to each other, because each will see the other as being the exit node IP and therefore neither will be able to initiate a connection to the other: they are unconnectable.

However, each client (when connected to CS) is assigned a 10.x.x.x IP address, but no domain name. However, if the CS network had support for internal dynamic DNS, network members could run servers (web servers, file servers, trackers, connectable Torrent clients) fully internally to the CS network, and be addressable via a standard domain name e.g server-01.members.cryptostorm.ch would map to 10.x.x.x. It wouldn't be quite Hidden Services on Tor, since the servers would be only available to network members (mostly - I'm sure some fancy routing by network members could expand this), but still...

Obviously, it would be up to members to take care of their own network security if they chose to run a server on CS, but if you choose to run a server on any network, that should be your first thought anyway.

I know you guys & gals are busy with network tuning, so I'm not expecting this to be implemented tomorrow, but I'd appreciate some opinions/feedback. :)