Should I be able to access my router’s admin page while on CS?

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Should I be able to access my router’s admin page while on CS?

Post by mr.salty.porcupine » Mon Sep 12, 2022 7:14 pm


Just started using cryptostorm (cs) a few days ago. Coming from ProtonVPN and PIA before that.

I noticed something possibly weird while on cs and cannot myself explain it, so looking for help.

While I’m connected to cs (using WireGuard protocol and the WireGuard app) I am able to browse to my router’s local gateway ( and the likes). I even have a Linksys mesh Setup and I was able to browse to the local admin page (https://linksys0642.local something like that, the last 4 digits following “linksys” are unimportant here). WireGuard has allowed IPs My question is - I shouldn’t be able to access local URLs like this while over VPN, should I? I wasn’t able to do this earlier on Proton or PIA. So it got me thinking is something weird?

I tested this behaviour on iOS (16 beta, Safari and Brave browser), on a Pixel 6 (13 stable, Chrome) and on MacBook Air (Ventura public beta, Safari). I was able to get through to my local URLs while still connected to cs.

Any pointers and explanations will be appreciated. Since I am new to this, long explanations will be appreciated much more so I get to learn something. Many thanks for your time and patience!

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Re: Should I be able to access my router’s admin page while on CS?

Post by parityboy » Tue Sep 13, 2022 7:16 pm


As far as I know this is normal behavior. Since you´re connected to your local network via WiFi or Ethernet, your computer will have a network address from your local LAN in its routing table. If you point your browser to, your device's networking subsystem knows that the target address is local (i.e. directly accessible) and as such there is no need to route it over the VPN.

In this case does not mean "every address", it means ¨default route¨, which translates to ¨any address I don´t know about, send it that way¨.

Hope this helps. :thumbup:

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