Jagex collaborated with the creator of the popular Old School RuneScape

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Jagex collaborated with the creator of the popular Old School RuneScape

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RuneScape has seen a significant expansion from its original browser-based roots in recent times OSRS Gold, with Steamforged's board games being the most recent game from Jagex. In an interview, a variety of Jagex employees discussed transitioning Runescape's mobile edition into an app that runs across platforms and in September, the game was launched.

Jagex collaborated with the creator of the popular Old School RuneScape mod RuneLite HD to offer the HD version available for all players. Steamforged's new board game will offer the fans of RuneScape a second opportunity to explore life in Gielinor and design their own adventure.

Runescape developer Jagex's publishing wing has picked up a promising Indie release under Jagex Partners. Jagex Partners label, making Melvor Idle an independent no more. It's an idler game that's similar to games such as Clicker Heroes or Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, released on Steam earlier this year. It also wears its influences from Jagex's mainstay Runescape very proudly.

Melvor Idle is a detailed multi-track idle game that is a bid to reinvent "the fundamental elements that comprise the RuneScape franchise in a manner that can be played casually," says the publisher. It's a pretty well-designed idle game with plenty of different things to make and grow, aswell as an emphasis on zero prestige mechanics requiring a game restart.

Jagex evidently became aware of the project in early 2020. Many of its staff liked it before the first Steam launch in the month of October that year. As you'd expect that the game's creator is pleased to be working with the developers of one of their top games. "Being able to work on this with Jagex to directly work on this has been a dream come true," said Brendan Malcolm, the solo developer of Melvor Idle Studio Games by Malcs.

Malcolm posted a long question and answer to players on Reddit community, which made it clear that he will maintain total creative control as the game progresses in the future, and also that its single purchase system of monetization won't be altered rs3 quests . Jagex has stated that it had "no intention" to alter anything regarding Melvor Idle.