Suggestion servers and routing

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Suggestion servers and routing

Post by lajola » Sat Mar 27, 2021 9:06 am

3 things:
. if possible to add more city/servers to country like German, Switzerland, Holland, France, and Sweden.
. add some good server to enable i.e. BBCIplayer from UK servers, Zattoo from German, Switzerland, etc..
. add some extra exotic server like Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Estonia, Luxemburg, Africa server like in this vpn:

Thanks @df

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Re: Suggestion servers and routing

Post by df » Mon Mar 29, 2021 11:28 pm

The reason we don't have more cities/servers in those countries is because we already have plenty in major cities, and most of the smaller cities won't have the same connectivity as Paris, etc. So speeds would be pretty bad outside of major cities. Also, none of the servers are anywhere near capacity.

As for BBCplayer/Netflix/Sky/etc. it's pretty easy to detect VPN IPs for them, they just block any IPs that don't appear to be residential, which all VPN IPs will appear to be (since they're hosted at a data center). The only way past that is to use residential IPs, but residential ISPs don't sell IP blocks, so the only way to use them is to actually be a customer of that ISP. Some VPNs get past this by doing a kind of bandwidth-sharing program where clients can use the VPN if they share their bandwidth with other clients (and some VPNs will just blatantly do this without permission, turning clients into a botnet). Either way, that's a horrible idea because it opens up so many different attack vectors to any VPN client using that network.

We will add more exotic servers sometime in the future, but probably not in Africa. That whole continent has terrible internet connectivity, and very high prices ($200-500+/month for a shitty "fair-use" [shared] 100mbps server @ 5TB/month max). Same goes for South America. And it's probably best to avoid Russia at the moment. We had one a few years ago, but Russia passed a law requiring VPNs to comply with a federal blacklist that prevents Russians from accessing certain sites (see ... es-190328/ ). Instead of dealing with that, we ditched the Russian server and got some new ones on the European side of the Russian border so Russian citizens that could bypass the ban would still get decent speeds. More recently, Russian has been implementing GFW style techniques to block VPNs (like China does), so obfs4 might be useful there (which we are planning to implement soon).

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