VPNMON -UBUNTU /Linux connection monitor

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VPNMON -UBUNTU /Linux connection monitor

Post by padawann » Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:00 am

I love using Cryptocloud VPN on my Ubuntu box. However, quite regulary, the connection would momentary break, and NetworkManager would re-connect by itself.... *without the VPN*. Not good.

Lately I found VPNMon, an open source piece of software, that can take care of this. Not in the repo's, unfortunately, but available here:

I think it should be promoted to all Linux users of Cryptocloud, or - if resources are available - Cryptocloud could make their own version. (It's Free Software, stupid!)

Disclaimer: I have no connection to this software, and cannot vow for its correct function, although it seems to preform well.

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