Periodic connection drops

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Periodic connection drops

Post by lp » Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:09 pm

(I'm writing here as the IRC channel is down)


I'm using Cryptostorm for years, but for a few months, the performances are much lower than before, and I have a particular issue: each X mins (and it's not big, I'd say <5min), my connection just… drops, it looks the same as if my connection was cut for several seconds (up to tens of seconds), no network activity at all.
It's really painful especially during calls, with a several seconds long freeze.

Note: I mostly use the Paris server (same result on balanced server), from a Linux desktop, and Unbound as a DNS server.

How can I fix that ?

Thanks :)

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Re: Periodic connection drops

Post by Lsd » Wed Feb 12, 2020 5:41 pm

I have this problem as well. In fact I am only able to connect to the Latvia_UDP and Moldova_UDP nodes. On windows I can't even update the node list, I get an error saying the website is unreachable.
This is annoying for me since the reason I got a VPN was because my ISP got a letter saying I was allegedly torrenting copyrighted content from Paramount.
I run cryptostorm through OpenVPN on Ubuntu so there is no built in kill switch when the connection drops. And that is a real problem with these constant connection drops, since it exposes my IP while torrents continue to download. I have had to write 2 kill switches (2 so there is a backup one) in Bash that turn my wifi off when they detect the VPN is off.
I used cryptostorm free a few years ago and had no problem, I ended up buying a year long subscription the other day ($82 AUD) so I guess I am stuck with it. But it is not a good VPN or what I remember.

Also cryptostorm is a lot slower than I recall and pretty awful for torrenting. When this subscription runs out, or maybe sooner, I will just buy a seedbox and download through that.

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Re: Periodic connection drops

Post by parityboy » Thu Feb 13, 2020 9:17 pm


Can you post some logs here so that I can take a look? Thanks. :)


If you are familiar with Linux you can use iptables to effect a killswitch. I did this for years before moving to pfSense. :thumbup:

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Re: Periodic connection drops

Post by MOQ888 » Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:08 am


It took me a while to work our how to do this but the website has some example KillSwitch scripts

Back then I didn't know what it was called (I posted a thread called Circuit Breaker) but after plugging on for a few days with df's input I was able to test it and it works perfectly.

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