RFC: Howto Guide for Whole House VPN with CS + Ubiquiti

Guides, HOWTOs etc on how to setup Cryptostorm on PCs, smartphones, tablets and routers.
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RFC: Howto Guide for Whole House VPN with CS + Ubiquiti

Post by maltfield » Sat Aug 26, 2017 5:55 am

Hey CS Gurus,

This post is a Request for Comments on a Howto I recently published on my blog titled "Howto Guide: Whole House VPN with Ubiquiti + Cryptostorm (netflix safe!)":

* https://tech.michaelaltfield.net/2017/0 ... flix-safe/

I wrote this guide to help US Americans buy quality, consumer-accessible (cheap & easy-ish to configure) hardware and setup a home network where all their devices' traffic can be seamlessly forced through a VPN without requiring configuration on the device's end. In my article, I used cryptostorm as an example because it appears to be the most transparent & secure vpn service.

Before I publish this guide more widely, I would really appreciate any comments or criticism you may have on my article. Is there anything I can do to make it better or more secure?