cryptostorm - #cleanVPN information disclosure & discussion of results

Encouraging best practices in the VPN industry via independent, community-certified verification of clean installers and clean basic service operations. Let's reward the good, and make the bad a little bit less tempting 〰 github repo#cleanVPN
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cryptostorm - #cleanVPN information disclosure & discussion of results

Post by cryptostorm_ops » Fri Mar 06, 2015 12:32 am ... g3OTcxZTk/ ... 425580490/

Tested file, for reference:

MD5: 9520d5d320687f5fe162a11ed9dd9b29
SHA1: 9ede6494f03109f93022a6e145ececa4304f937f
SHA256: 32120b07be4675f5d88a562c78632f0bc027d4f0b010543aa0a65759e98ce171
(11.56 MiB) Downloaded 808 times

More data coming as we gather it. Of course, others are welcome to participate, as well.

~ cryptostorm