Securing Online Personas [eBook]

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Securing Online Personas [eBook]

Post by deadlock » Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:45 pm

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Securing Online Personas
Written by deadlock from @PuppetSecurity

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Brief Description

Securing Online Personas is a beginner friendly guide to achieving security for your persona in the hacker’s realm, written by Martial (deadlock) of Puppet Security.

Personal digital security has always been important to me. There have been times where I needed to use the tactics that I will be teaching you about, and there were other times where I had to swear and live by these things in order to continue to enjoy my Internet experience in a safe way. The Internet is a dangerous place, especially if you have an interest in information security or anything that could even possibly relate to the hacking scene. Hackers can be savages, so you will need to learn how to blend into the “scene” without standing out, and be even more secure than the ones who target you.

Table of Contents

Page 03 – Introduction
Page 04 – “Just a Man” Philosophy
Page 05 – The Humble Story of Marcus Aurelius
Page 06 – Introduction to Operational Security
Page 07 – Public & Personal Relations
Page 10 – Degrees of Separation
Page 13 – Sharing is Daring
Page 15 – Data Poisoning
Page 17 – Let Them Find Us
Page 18 – Plausible Deniability
Page 20 – Building a Persona
Page 23 – Persona Contamination
Page 26 – Real Identity Safety
Page 30 – Locational Security
Page 31 – Undercover Communication
Page 35 – How Far Will Law Enforcement Go
Page 38 – The 5, 9 & 14 Eyes
Page 39 – Leave No Trace
Page 40 – Limiting Information Exposure
Page 41 – Controlling Disputes & Manipulating Enemies
Page 42 – Conclusion

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Re: Securing Online Personas [eBook]

Post by marzametal » Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:06 am

Nice read!