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Flux core welding

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2020 2:27 pm
by aedanhall
Flux core welding and MIG in a low cost super bargain welder As the title suggests this is a low cost super bargain flux welder. This welder has so low cost, it makes you question if it could actually do the job.

The super bargain welder is so inexpensive that it makes you question if it could really be able to hold its own when in use. But more than 210 positive reviews on Amazon all tell the super bargain pro will hold its own even if you are not an experienced welder. The plastic casing is a great little bonus and the controls easy and clear to use.

The welder comes with a protective case and is equipped with two high power electrodes. The power cord is long enough to reach down to a wall socket. The flux is very well packaged. The product comes with two different manuals that show step by step instructions to using the welder and a manual for use with MIG welders. The welder comes complete with a power cord, two high power electrodes and a protective case.