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cryptostorm's bitmessage addresses ...&

Post by cryptostorm_ops » Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:52 pm

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Important note: per December 1st 2015 all bitmessage addresses below are obsolete. The active bitmessage address can be found here:

We currently maintain several bitmessage addresses for use in correspondence on behalf of cryptostorm. In a recent post, we announced a change in our main bitmessage member support address, as listed in our profile information. This seesm like a good time to provide additional documentation here, for those curious, since bitmessage is an important communications channel for many of our members and token resellers.
  • Initially, our BM address was: BM-NAueHWwiZQ26TgX9iXPqtiMjMBB5dc5t
    This has now shifted over to one used primarily by the tech team, and often checked by pj.

    Next we set up BM-NBDUJR1aeMD95XrPYuBNbbMMsHq9qjpu
    This is a general cryptostorm address, and is the one we've just returned to our twitter profile as primary contact.

    Additionally, there is BM-NC4acFXJqxXnjNPQHeryYVfZT7G9pfh6
    This is a secondary member support address, and was listed in our twitter profile for most of this year.

    Other staffers do have additional BM addresses that are occasionally used in communications with members; if you are concerned that such addresses be validated publicly, such as we're doing here, make a note of that in a post here and I will see what I can do.
Why the shifting about? Bitmessage is, as a protocol, both new and a bit rough around the edges when it comes to front-end tools. In particular, exporting and managing private key materials in order to allow multiple staffers to access a given address is... fiddly. We have been shy in pushing that side of things, and our shyness over the summer resulted in parallel addresses rather than one-to-many access for member support staff. Now that we're a bit more comfortable with the multiple-access approach, we're slowly streamlining public-facing address materials.

There's been some discussion about setting up an official Pond address for cryptostorm. Some of the tech staff have done installs and we are familiar with the tool itself. My personal sense is that it's a bit premature for use in a production context (this merely echoes what AGL himself has said). It's got promise, but thus far is more of a PoC than something we feel can support front-line use. That said, if you are a Pond devotee and simply must have that option available for communications with us, let us know and we can work it out. Worst-case, we can put you in touch with tech staff who use the tool already.

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Original posting, from October 2013:
Several members have asked about receiving their newly-purchased tokens via BitMessage. That's an excellent communications channel for this sort of application, and we're happy to do so.

A public-facing bitmessage address suitable for routine correspondence with the cryptostorm team is...

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