connect automatically with widget?

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connect automatically with widget?

Post by algirdas1 » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:40 pm

Hi. I am new to cryptostorm and need some advice. I have installed the latest widget on my windows 10 system. It works for manual connect and disconnect.

However should I approve the feature connect automatically and then let the computer go to sleep i expect that it should reconnect automatically to cryptostorm when the computer wakes up from sleep.

Instead what happens is the jumble of messages you can see in the attached screen shot. some say connected, some say no, some invite me to connect. (yes the token has been hidden from this screen shot)

When I check the options panel the connect automatically feature appears to have cancelled itself. not checked anymore.

When I check my ip address I can see it is NOT connected to cryptostorm.

What have I missed? Is this feature not working yet? or is there something else I need to adjust?

many thanks for your help.

connect automatically on pc wakeup.jpg