Tor hidden service setup

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Tor hidden service setup

Post by kfdalkj3412 » Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:14 am

I found this on this forum:

Another use of Cryptostorm and Tor is to securely expose Tor Hidden Services.
By initiating a Cryptostorm session, and then initiating a reverse tunnel to the external server from within the Cryptostorm network, the Hidden Service itself (u.e. the actual web server) can be hosted within the CryptoStorm darknet, while the "access point" - i.e. the VPS or bare metal server with the Tor relay configured for Hidden Services. - is made part of the Tor overlay network. The reverse tunnel can be maintained using something like OpenSSH, and if the external server is compormised in any way, the actual Hidden Service is still safe.

The external server is therefore expendable, assuming of course that the correct steps are taken when purchasing it.

Can anyone shed some more info on this topic? This description is very small and unclear.