Windows 10 widget installation totally screwed

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Windows 10 widget installation totally screwed

Post by posty » Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:03 am

Hi all,

I'd just like to report that the cryptostorm widget has ceased functioning entirely for me, I've been messing with it all day.

I've uninstalled the current version of the widget, reinstalled, tried uninstalling tap drivers, reinstalling - still fails. Rebooted several times etc etc.

it fails in the most useless to diagnose fashion - it all installs perfectly fine without error, you open the client, you can see the client.exe in the task manager, but there is no tray icon or GUI whatsoever. you have essentially a program open that you can't do anything with.

I even tried the latest v3 widget - it still fails. my gut tells me that there's probably some sort of broken config saved somewhere - is there a post somewhere about removing cryptostorm entirely from the system, ie catching things uninstallers dont?

What I ended up doing to just get this working again was to download the stock standard openvpn community client, download a config from the cryptostorm github, open an administrator command line window - navigate to the location i saved the config for the server I want and type:

openvpn nameofconfigfileisaved.ovpn

right click to paste the token in from the clipboard.

then it works without issue.

posting in case anyone else has issues.

I've got a pretty ace system that I'm running this on - the windows 10 ver reports 10.0.14393 if that helps.

the widget was nice and easy and this is a pain in the arse. I'd very much like to fix this but I'm unsure how.