Which ovpn files to run on IOS (iphone5 gen) and OpenVPN 3.0.2?

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Cheesy Nipples

Which ovpn files to run on IOS (iphone5 gen) and OpenVPN 3.0.2?

Post by Cheesy Nipples » Wed May 22, 2019 12:46 am

I'm struggling to get anything to work on my iPhone tonight.

Just trying to use some old stored tokens (hashed today, first time using), but to no avail.

Cryptofree won't run either.

I recently did a bulk update of apps on my iPhone (oops), and it seems openVPN has had a revamp and I'm guessing it's something to do with that?

I'm using RSA UDP balancer, country specific, and the cryptofree files and no luck. It just doesn't seem to do anything out and all fail with connection timeouts.

Is there any guides for the iPhone users? Of all the devices you'd want a VPN sometimes, an iPhone is it, and yet it seems increasingly abandoned wrt support... for example there used to be specific ios/mac config files.


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