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Do the Broncos deserve to be in the . Jersey

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Do the Broncos deserve to be in the . Jersey

Post by linchao » Sat Feb 23, 2019 8:35 am

I may be the king of procrastination Billy Turner Jersey , Broncos Country. As I worked last week to make the GIF Horse Most Valuable Broncos series, I kept finding myself turning on tape of the 2019 QB class. As a habit, I don’t get too informed during the college season so as to approach it with fresh eyes in the offseason but thought it time to dive in with all the reports that Elway is over Case Keenum.Last Thursday, I spent the morning watching Drew LockLock is where I focused most of my attention so far this offseason because there has been multiple reports from a variety of sources that he is the apple of Elway’s eye. The Broncos infatuation with Lock has probably been the worst kept draft secret in the league so far this year; to the point where it’s fair to begin questioning if Elway is putting out smoke. Here’s my thoughts thus far: He has one of the better arms in this class. Possibly second to only Kyler Murray of Oklahoma. There are times when his accuracy is all you could ask for from a quarterback. He’s faster than you’d expect a 6’4 225 lb quarterback to be, but isn’t very sudden or twitchy. The redshirt junior improved his accuracy every year of his career, but still goes through bouts where his ball placement leave a lot to be desired. That accuracy becomes even more problematic when he doesn’t set his feet properly, a habit that shows up far too frequently as a response to pressure. When Lock is throwing off his back foot as he fades away from pressure the ball tends to sail on him.Additionally, Lock is sometimes slow to diagnose the defense and find the open receiver. This exacerbates his issues with pressure as it sometimes leads to him being stranded in the pocket trying to make something out of nothing. Against South Carolina, it cost his team the game.He has the kind of arm talent that scouts will love enough to overlook his flaws, but comes with all the bad habits a strong arm helps you overcome. I’ve seen Mahomes as a comparison, which is very questionable, but one thing Lock does have in common with the Kansas City Chief is that he’d benefit from a year sitting and learning. Unfortunately Case Keenum isn’t Alex Smith, and the chances that Lock will get an entire season to sit and iron out his mechanics is very remote. There’s a reason Aaron Rodgers was the best example of a successful quarterback to sit and learn behind a veteran prior to Mahomes, because it is very rare.Over the weekend I spoke with Derrik Klassen of Football Outsiders about Lock and he had many of the same concerns I did. Yeah, but what about _____ in 2019?The best arguments for taking a QB this year is that Von Miller and Chris Harris aren’t getting any younger. The rest of the arguments: Case Keenum ain’t the guy, you never know what next year’s class looks like, maybe the Broncos won’t be in position to get another QB? They’re all questionable rationale for reaching at QB. That’s how you get Paxton Lynch. Would you rather take a quarterback who wins up as the 20th best QB this year or swing for a top 5-10 guy next year? Obviously that’s a hypothetical https://www.broncosfanstore.com/Tramaine-Brock-Jersey , but just because the Broncos need a QB doesn’t mean they should reach on a bad prospect. So far this year, I’ve watched games of Drew Haskins, Kyler Murray and a little Daniel Jones. Here’s my early thoughts on all three:Haskins- one year starter, Urban Meyer system questions, but probably the best quarterback in this class. Should Elway trade to two? That may be what it takes.Murray- one year starter, but would probably go first overall if he was 6’0”. People can say that height doesn’t matter because of Russell Wilson and Drew Brees, but they’ll probably struggle to name a 5’9” franchise guy. Combine is huge for him.Daniel Jones- I wasn’t that impressed by his tape. Perhaps more film study will reveal to me why he’s getting all sorts of love, but he seems like the biggest beneficiary of the shallow class.The more I’ve watched the 2019 QB crop, the more I stand by what I said for the first 2019 QB Roundtable: The smart long term play would be to trade back in the 1st round this year to pick up a future 1st. That way the Broncos have ammo to manipulate the board as they need to in 2020. This spring, the best option would be to grab an impact player available and continue to build the team so when the QB comes in the team is prepared to maximize all 4 years of his rookie deal. 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AgainSuper Bowl 53 Preview: Belichick defense, McVay offense | SI.comThe first time they faced the Rams in the Super Bowl, Belichick’s underdog Patriots used an aggressive tactic to shut down Marshall Faulk. Why calling on a similar game plan could be the formula for slowing Sean McVay’s high-powered offense.Super Bowl LIII: Top stories we’re already sick of | SI.comSuper Bowl 53 odds: Rams open as slight favorites over Patriots, then odds flip | NFL | Sporting NewsWho is singing the national anthem at Super Bowl 2019? | NFL | Sporting NewsAfter Patriots’ win in AFC championship, it’s time to put NFL overtime rules to death | NFL | Sporting NewsFMIA: Amazing, crazy games lead to Rams-Patriots Super Bowl; Tom Brady: ‘We’ll Remember This Forever’ – ProFootballTalkWATCH: Patriots coach Bill Belichick spikes, throws tablet after late Chiefs touchdown | NFL | Sporting NewsJulian Edelman proves balls don’t lie in AFC Championship game | SI.comIt’s a Rams-Patriots Super Bowl Su'a Cravens Jersey , and an Officiating Nightmare | SI.comSaints’ Sean Payton on no PI: Never a more obvious call - NFL.comAndy Reid takes issue with roughing, offsides penalties – ProFootballTalkNickell Robey-Coleman: I got beat and was trying to save a TD – ProFootballTalkHow Bill Vinovich’s officiating crew cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl | Touchdown WireSaints vs Rams missed pass interference call: NFL players react | SI.comCommissioner has authority to take action over Rams-Saints outcome, in theory – ProFootballTalkCam Jordan: We had a chance to get them out of FG range – ProFootballTalkMarcus Peters has a message for Saints fans complaining about refsDee Ford on offsides on INT: ‘I’ve got to see the ball’ - NFL.comChiefs offsides penalty: Dee Ford negates interception | SI.comTodd Gurley wasn’t hurt Sunday, just played ‘sorry’ - NFL.comOther NFL NewsSaints’ Drew Brees aiming to make ‘another run at it’ - NFL.comFollowing a heartbreaking defeat in the NFC Championship Game, Saints quarterback Drew Brees said he’ll talk with coaches and teammates, but a return in 2019 is in the cards.Calvin Ridley’s car stolen in Atlanta – ProFootballTalk“Man they got me last night in Buckhead,” Ridley wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Car Stolen. No such thing as a safe part of town so be careful. Grateful there was no violence, they just got me at the gas station & rode out.”Will Rams-Saints debacle bring down Al Riveron? – ProFootballTalk“I think that there was a sense of, around the league office and some of the people in leadership positions, they didn’t value that position the way it should have been valued, and how important it is,” Blandino said at the time. “During the season, other than the Commissioner, the head of officiating is probably the most public-facing person in the office. And those decisions that are made, I mean, these affect the outcome of games, and that’s your product on the field.”Report: Dolphins to hire Packers assistant as defensive coordinator – ProFootballTalkThe Dolphins might be two weeks away from hiring a head coach https://www.broncosfanstore.com/Courtland-Sutton-Jersey , but they’re moving on with Brian Flores’ staff. As the Denver Broncos get set to play the Pittsburgh Steelers, there is a new question that has arisen. Should Broncos Country be thinking about the playoffs? It seemed like a ridiculous notion just a couple weeks ago, but after beating the Los Angeles Chargers, Denver has become a fringe playoff contender.Of course, the short answer to the question has to be no. As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, the idea of the Broncos making the playoffs is still ridiculous. They have played well at times, but it just doesn’t seem like something plausible. However, if they can win against the Steelers, the conversation shifts again.Coming out of the bye week, many Broncos fans believed the season was over, myself included. The idea of winning any of the first three games after the bye was laughable. Then, out of nowhere, Denver beat the Chargers. Now, heading into a home game against the Steelers, Denver can get out of the fringe conversation, and move into true contention.Is the talk real? Do the Broncos deserve to be in the discussion of playoff contenders? Maybe not as I write these words, but after Sunday Isaac Yiadom Color Rush Jersey , that could all change. I’m not ready to call the Broncos a playoff team yet. They have zero margin for error, which means any loss the rest of the way is the end. The team that currently holds the last playoff spot is the Baltimore Ravens. They hold the head to head tie breaker, because they beat Denver earlier in the year. That adds another hurdle, but winning cures all.Going on the road and beating the Chargers could be the catalyst to some big moves. The Broncos can kick the door open into the playoff discussion if they can shut down Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and James Connner. It will take huge games from players like Bradley Chubb and Von Miller. It will also require Chris Harris Jr. to step up against Antonio Brown. The last time we saw Harris and Brown match up against each other, Brown torched Harris. If Denver wants to win, that outcome will have to change. There is a chance to get back into the discussion. There is a chance that things are turning around for the Broncos. As fans, we can be thankful that the season has meaning again. The excitement is real. If Denver can pull out another upset win, each game becomes more and more important. Every step closer to the playoffs make the next step more crucial. It all starts with the next step. That step is the Steelers.The MHR Radio Podcast is now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Acast, Stitcher, TuneIn and a few other podcast hosts. Please subscribe to the one that fits your fancy, and also rate and review what you hear.
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