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13 is an unlucky number

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13 is an unlucky number

Post by laiyongcai92 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:36 am

For some Authentic Lamar Miller Jersey ,Hallowed in mystery and ominous fortune, many shy away from anything related to the abhorred prime number. Whether true or not, there is something culturally poignant about 13. For Texans’ cornerback Johnathan Joseph, 13 is the number of seasons he’s played in the league. For Joseph, 13 may not be so unlucky after all.Part of the scotch tape that’s holding Houston’s defense together is Johnathan Joseph. Accumulating five passes defended and 16 tackles so far this season, Joseph is arguably playing the best ball we have seen in years. The main difference between this year and recent seasons prior is the ability to close on routes and break up passes. He did so midway through the third quarter against the Cowboys when he popped the ball in the air for a Justin Reid interception.Blaine Gabbert said it best: “You know what you are going to get with Johnathan. Really fast man-to-man cover guy who can make plays on the ball.” That statement is the cornerstone of Joseph’s 13 year career. In year 13, with top-end speed in his rear view mirror, J-Jo has been relying on his knowledge of the game to pick his battles in coverage. When watching Joseph’s film over the past three or so games, everything has been consistent and reliable.After a rather lackluster campaign last year, some were surprised when the Texans re-signed J-Jo to a two-year deal. In an offseason ripe with change at the secondary positions, the team stood firm in its tradition of a veteran secondary. Keeping Kareem Jackson and J-Jo while adding Aaron Colvin and Tyrann Mathieu only emphasized the team’s lack of concern about age in the secondary. At the age of 34, the Texans are going to squeeze every ounce of football Joseph has out of him. Usually, running a horse past its prime does not win you any races, but put that horse on a team and in a position to lead, and it can be entertaining to watch.Jonathan Joseph has been a leader on the team for quite some time. He arrived in 2011 as a free agent in the last major overhaul of the secondary and has been a pillar on the defense ever since. He has 14 interceptions while playing in Houston and has made countless critical plays throughout the seasons. With how much rosters turn over year over year, J-Jo has really been an unsung reliable centerpiece to this organization. With all the big names stealing the spotlight on this team, he has gone about his business for an incredible length of time. Although a terrible measurement to evaluate a player’s talent Authentic Jadeveon Clowney Jersey , Joseph has only been featured in the NFL’s “Top 100” once, back in 2012.The man coverage that Joseph has provided in the past few games has been crucial to the success of Romeo Crennel’s defense. If he can lock down a team’s best receiver, that allows the rest of the more versatile defensive backs to flex their talents more often. Particularly against possession receivers, Joseph shines with his intuition and tenacity at the point of attack. Despite a lean frame, he rarely gets bodied out of position by bigger receivers. We have seen faster receivers get under his skin, though. T.Y. Hilton types drive Joseph bananas with downfield crossing routes. In the preseason,Jimmy Garoppolo threw a dart to Olympic track star Marquise Goodwin. The raw speed players like Goodwin possess are not what Joseph handles best. Speed and distance are not his forte; toughness and positioning are. The Texans’ secondary is thin. Injuries to Kevin Johnson, Aaron Colvin, Kayvon Webster, and Jermaine Kelly, as well as Andre Hal’s cancer diagnosis, have stripped the secondary of most of the expected talent going into the season. Even with a patchwork secondary, the Texans are 19th in the league in passing yards allowed. Considering 104 of those yards came in two overtime games, they would be 14th in yards allowed otherwise. That’s from exceptional, but rather expected if you consider who is on our roster and the quarterbacks we’ve faced. The wily veteran is playing at a level the Texans have missed from Joseph of late. He has put countless rookies under his wing and taught them how to play in the NFL. It’s great to see the Texans succeeding with Joseph. When put in the right position, he can still make plays even in his 13th season in the NFL.Red Zone Play: Down & Distance Last week we checked out the Houston Texans’ offense, examining each position group and getting an overall feel for the health of the scoring side of the team. Now it’s time to turn the lens to the defensive side of the ball http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/ ... ton-jersey , which as we’ve all come to expect over the last few seasons, might just be what keeps this team rolling. If the ball bounces the Texans’ way a few times, this unit might put up some points themselves. DEFENSE:The biggest, best news of the off season as far as the Houston defense is concerned came when Romeo Crennel was reinstated as defensive coordinator. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mike Vrabel, but he was a far better developer of players than a strategist. Under Vrabel, the Texans’ defense often seemed confused and incapable of creating mismatches. While it’s easy to say Vrabel had to work without J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus most of the season, a high-quality coordinator isn’t going to get completely derailed by a few injuries. Thankfully for Houston fans #RACisBACKDefensive LineWith the obvious question mark surrounding J.J. Watt’s health, a lot is going to ride on D.J. Reader, Christian Covington and Carlos Watkins. While all three players have great upside, they each need to continue reaching their potential this year. The more blocks these three can eat up, the more opportunities will arise for guys like Watt, Mercilus, Jadeveon Clowney, Benardrick McKinney, and so forth. As the old saying goes, games are won and lost in the trenches. LinebackersIt’s hard to look at this group and not get excited. With Clowney http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/ ... son-jersey , quite possibly the most talented defender in the NFL, McKinney, an old school thumper who reminds me of a young Terrell Suggs, Zach Cunningham, who has been hitting the plates and bulking up both mind and body in the off-season, and the X-Factor, Dylan Cole, this is a serious group of playmakers. If the defensive line can do their part, the linebackers should be feasting on tackles and sacks all season long. I was on a plane to Florida with Vince Wilfork last week, and he certainly wasn’t injured. So maybe if someone else can’t go, Big Vince could pull a Brett Favre and make a comeback. Or at least show up with some smoked meat to lift everyone’s spirits. CornerbacksAs much as the linebacker room excites me, the cornerbacks sort of do the opposite. Johnathan Joseph is arguably the best corner in franchise history, but Father Time has never lost against an NFL player. Kevin Johnson really needs to step up and prove last year was a fluke if he doesn’t want the word “bust” hung around his neck like an albatross. Aaron Colvin might be the best of this group for 2018, but he’s got a learning curve ahead because: new guy. After those three, depth seems to be a mirage; granted, new safety Kareem Jackson can always play corner again in a pinch. SafetyAdding Tyrann Mathieu seems to be a home run for the Texans in free agency, but losing rising star Andre Hal to lymphoma was a serious strikeout. For years Houston has toyed with the notion of moving Kareem Jackson to safety; they have finally pulled that trigger Womens Julien Davenport Jersey , but how well it works out remains to be seen. If Justin Reid can plug and play quickly, he just might be the savior this group needs. The rest of the safety room (Corey Moore, Treston Decoud, Kurtis Drummond, and Ibraheim Campbell) certainly don’t inspire fans to run right out and buy their jerseys. For the time being, I’m going to continue to beat the “Trade for Earl Thomas” drum, although the chances of that actually happening appear to be pretty slim, particularly with all the rumors he’s about to head to Dallas. There we have it. The true goldmine on this side of the ball is the linebacker corps. We could easily mount an argument that this unit is only a player or two away from the greatest of all time, but the question marks surrounding the health of Watt, Clowney and Mercilus, along with performance questions regarding linemen, corners and safeties, make it easy to see this swinging the wrong way if that ball bounces all kinds of bad. If anyone can get the most out of this defense, it’s Romeo Crennel. So for the foreseeable future, we’re just going to hang our red zone hopes on #RACisBACK and let the ball bounce where it may.