Torrent IP leak detect

This page allows you to see which IP address your BitTorrent client is handing out to peers and trackers.

In Windows, most BitTorrent clients will bind to any IP on any available interface, which means your IP could leak if you don't tell it to specifically use the OpenVPN or WireGuard interface.
In Linux, most BitTorrent clients will correctly route traffic through the VPN's interface.

For example, the default qBittorrent configuration will bind to any available IP on any network adapter.
To tell it to use the VPN's adapter, you have to go to Options -> Advanced -> and under "Optional IP address to bind to" select the 10.66.x.x IP if you're on OpenVPN, or the 10.10.x.x IP if you're on WireGuard.
This only seems to be necessary for Windows users, in Linux it correctly defaults to the VPN's interface.

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