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by omgitslurch
Mon Jan 10, 2022 6:15 am
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Topic: Cryptostorm and OPNsense
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Cryptostorm and OPNsense

Has anyone been able to get Cryptostorm to work fully on OPNsense? I am testing Cryptostorm as an alternative to my current VPN provider, and it appears to connect ok using OpenVPN but also tried Wireguard and it connected ok. However, no matter what I try, can see outgoing bytes increase, but the incoming bytes don't. Soon as I setup my original VPN provider again in OPNsense it all works without issue. I followed the pfsense guide to configure the VPN as setup is normally pretty much identical just UI differences. Is there some sort of configuration quirk in order to get it to pass traffic successfully? As would have expected it to have worked almost identically once connected.